Dub Inc Only Love parole

Feat Jah Mason
Parole Dub Inc Only Love
Only love will allow you to survive
We spread dis message to di world now
Love is the only thing's that will never die
Will never die, will never fall
Only love we need in dis world to survive
We share dis love inna di world
And no dreams i'm selling dem, the truth i m telling dem!
Well, watcha, watcha...

Jah Mason Love is the element, the source that we need to survive
I'll never go around love and you will be chatiised
No worry nah 'fraid calculate and sumyse
You turn di outcome, you don't be surprised
And to the most High we go make a joyfull noise
We love salvation you must win the price
No matter about weight, no matter about size
Hey tell my people be wize

Car la vie est un recueil
Dont on chante tous les maux, une histoire que l'on fredonne
Elevée comme un drapeau, pour la paix notre symbole
Fier de nos idéaux, toute la haine on abandonne
Plus jamais ne la pardonne

Car la violence est sur la feuille
S'échappe de nos stylos, puis à travers le monde résonne
Lâché comme un oiseau, qui s'élance et puis s'envole
Aussi haut que le flow de Dub inc et Jah Mason
A big combination

Feed the people them were suffurin tell me a fool now
Say opposition leader the whole a dem mad
The hands and the heart nuff a dem nah trode
All the money ina di bank them a bost and a brag
And still worry pass the poor people bag
Me never no say life comes with price down
Simply mean you will suffer if you don t have
Me mother poor me father poor i'm my poor likkle lord

Give me the vibe's and affection
Looking for the solution, against war and confusion
Give me the love and redemption
Babylon will kill dem tomorow?
I and i feel the sorrow
So many dead's and no hero

We come inna di love all di haters we faya burn
We fighting for peace, Dub Inc always make dem run
We nah fi use bombs, we nah fi use guns
No war man put away your weapons!

The riddim is fire
Reggae music is higher...
Tougher than tough getting stronger

Even when i'm out and dowm
My jah jah is always around
So we should give thanks for life