Booba Money On My Mind parole

Feat lil wayne
Parole Booba Money On My Mind
Le couteau plein d'sang
Tu ferais klawi, mon brakmar est à l'affiche
Mon flow est au caviar, le leur est à la pisse

Fuck bitches
Get money
Get money fuck bitches
Fuck bitches get money
Fuck bitches get money

Nigga get it in a slump if you know how
In the heart of the summer we need a snow plow
What you know bout that baby its yo time
Coke transactions on the phone we call it blowjob
Too fast for the feds too cocky for the cops
Had to ditch my old bitch gettin sloppy wit the pots
Hoppin off the boat meetin papi at the docks
He tell me I'm gainin weight I tell him I'm gettin paid
Money over bitches I'm yellin it to the grave
Developed at a young age go after what pays
These Gabana sunshades block the sunrays
I drop a car note in the mall on the first day
I gotta get it even if its in the worst way
That cake like it's it's my birthday
New Orleans my birthplace ya heard me
Where moneys more important than the person

Twistin up a blunt thinkin bout my next dollar
I'm diggin in the game tryna get some money out her
I'm so vain its a problem
It ain't a stain on these Pradas I'm just bein modest
Got me a goddess sure how to divide it
She still down and she don't get none of the profit
We around the city let the tints hide me
Thats a cold muhfucker whoever inside it
Forever symbolizing the grind it don't walk to you
I make it run like horses do
Giddy up baby if you got it then hit 'em up baby
I know its crazy but I can't get enough baby
I'm a self made millionaire fuck the public
Ridin to myself cause I don't fuck with nothin
Pistol on my lap on the way to the money
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Me-di Me', c'est mon DJ
Pour entrer dans ma soirée
Tenue correcte et flingue exigés
Aiguisé est le coup d'genou
Je les ai vus comme David Vincent
Les ai tués comme Chaka Zulu
Rien à foutre passe moi les menottes, j'suis MC à métaux!
Depuis la nuit des temps c'est très très dur d'être un négro!
Mes jambes viennent de Thaïlande
ma queue vient de Tchernobyl
Mon cœur vient d'Afrique, ma force vient d'Obi Wan Kenobi
On pourra pas s'entendre, c